Some Facts

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That last one is sort of depressing, isn't it? Pretty much no amount of campaigning at this point will change things. Obama's going to win. However, a question has been on my mind and it won't leave me alone.

The Question

* Where "Everyone" means the millions of conservatives who support Mitt Romney, of course.

Would that do anything at all?

I mean, how could prayer affect a national election?

The idea is just sort of ridiculous really.

Honestly, I don't even know why you're still reading this.

No one takes this stuff seriously.

No one at all.

Except Scientists.

There have been hundreds of scientific studies proving the effects of group prayer.

Did you know that…

…patients who had a group pray for them, even without their knowledge, show positive effects by healing faster or better in 57% of studies?

If group prayer can heal people,
it can change an election.

But has something like this ever been tried before?


You'd be speaking Turkish now if it hadn't worked.

Battle of Lepanto

If group prayer can affect a battle,
(and save Europe) it can change an election.

And it can save us, too.

It's Our Turn Now

There are no accidents. You found this site for a reason.

Join the largest simultaneous group prayer of its kind.

Yeah, that's right. I made a logo.

The Romney Mega Prayer

Pray Hard. Save America. Make History.

WHEN:Monday, November 5th (the night before Election Day)
TIME:9pm Eastern / 8pm Central / 7pm Mountain / 6pm Pacific
WHAT:Pray sincerely for Mitt Romney to win.
Pray in the manner that is best for you.

We will win! But we don't have much time.

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